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therefore, it will be third down pittsburgh. >> al: well, as we surmised, no bell. the other backs are felix jones and jonathan dwyer. again, obviously before that situation, so they'll get two cracks at trying to get it into the end zone and still need the two-point conversion. now will johnson the fullback comes into the game as well. >> cris: jonathan dwyer, their leader at running back a year ago. johnson flanked off the bunch. i bet he comes in to block somebody somewhere, though. >> al: johnson number 46 in the right slot. cotchery in motion. and roethlisberger is going to throw and it will be -- dropped at the goal line!
11:31 pm
by will johnson. james ihedigbo is there. fourth down. >> al: think it would have been a touchdown had he caught it. he leaned it over the line. james ihedigbo with his second big play and, oh my goodness, it is just a train wreck down here for the steelers now. fernando velasco the center who replaced maurkice pouncey goes down. >> al: you have your starting center, at least tonight's starting sender, your one and two left tackles and your starting running back who will all be out of the game. that's cody wallace who is a tackle by trade and the backup center getting in some snapping practice here because he is going to have to snap it on fourth down. >> cris: take a look and see what happened to fernando velasco.
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haloti ngata right here kind of just rolls right back on the back of his leg. wow. >> al: you can't make this stuff up. >> cris: can't disagree with the call. all he has to do is catch it and it's a touchdown. >> al: nope. so they tend to velasco. fourth and goal. velasco back to the goal line. >> cris: you see mike tomlin said take him out. he was trying to determine whether or not he could go back on the field. the last minute he said take him out and so now here we go with cody wallace. you wonder if this limits, does he do shotgun snap well? do they take a snap on the
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sideline? so many things come in to play. at this point it's a half a yard. could ben quarterback sneak it. but you have haloti ngata in there. everything is in play here. >> al: it's the longest half yard. 71,000 the defense chants. they have dwyer in the back field next to roethlisberger. you have brown in the slot to the right. you have cotchery wide to the right. roethlisberger fires, touchdown! cotchery, who is his main man in the red zone. cotchery with only 34 receptions coming into the game but 7 of those for touchdowns. >> cris: they switch it off. corey graham thinks he is
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supposed to switch this off, this pick. but the inside defender doesn't do it so they end up with a walk-in. so all that mess we just went through and all it did was take time off the clock for the ravens to try to go the other way, assuming they can get this. >> al: two-point conversion. got to pull another one out of a hat. brown on the slot. cotchery wide. wallace with the snap. first one is good this one is good and the pass is hauled in. they're going to say, no, hits the ground. emmanuel sanders couldn't hold on! shocky brown was there with the coverage. so it's an unsuccessful two-point conversion but still an on side kick opportunity for pittsburgh. couldn't hold on. >> cris: had a chance.
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it goes right through his arms, so two balls that were definitely catchable didn't work out. >> al: 22-20, obviously an on side kick to come. pittsburgh, of course, in a position where if they can recover it they would have a time-out and then you need a field goal to win the game. let's go to michele. >> michele: well, meanwhile, running back le'veon bell was taken back to the locker room. as you saw, he is being treated for a possible concussion. this is a young man who said it was his dream to play on thanksgiving. he was lit up all week about it. couldn't wait. had a fine performance, but back there being treated far possible concussion now. >> al: thank you, michele. there's velasco.
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we saw beachum come out. so evans come out. and now it's off the foot of suisham. >> cris: again, you have to go back to a motion suisham on the kick. i've never seen one botched in that way. >> al: has to go ten yards before pittsburgh can recover. now she going to switch around and kick it off his left foot and it will not go the required distance. he tries to fool them by initially looking he is kicking one way then the other then goes back to the original way and the flag is for the kick being out of bounds and not going ten yards. >> cris: it's interesting that was it an illegal touch by a steeler before it got out of bounds? because it never made it ten
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yards. jerrichocotchery on the tail end recovered the ball. >> al: it was off of markus wheaton touched it first. >> referee: illegal touching. 89. first down, baltimore. >> cris: you know, they tried to go the double trick-a-roo. >> al: and the left-footed kick. >> cris: i don't know. not the pittsburgh steelers way, you know? sometimes you can trick yourself into things, but what a football game. i tell you, if they play 16 straight times and they wanted us to do them all, i would do them all. it's a fantastic rivalry. >> al: so nine of the last ten,
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if this one holds, 22-20, will be decided by three or fewer points. pittsburgh takes its final time-out. baltimore can end the game on two kneel downs. >> cris: you have to think a little bit about the pittsburgh steelers now moving forward now with the rash of injuries they've got there on that last little series. >> al: they're going to be 5-7. they have three of their last four at home. right now you have denver, new england, indy and cincinnati as the division leaders. kansas city could be the number one wild card at the moment. baltimore would be number two as this game comes to a finish. the others are in a hunt. but a huge win for the baltimore ravens and a bitter loss to the pittsburgh steelers. as they head home and in a week
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and a half take on the miami dolphins, while the ravens try to get healthy as well and take on the minnesota vikings here. minnesota at detroit, new england and at cincinnati. as a reminder, remainder of their schedule. john madden, marking his ballots right now. we'll find out who the players are coming up right after these missages from your local nbc staxings.
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>> announcer: welcome to the wendy's post game report. here now al michaels kwlanch. >> what a game. ravens win it 22-20. john madden weighed in. he picked two players of the game. one would be jacoby jones. the other would be the kicker justin tucker. they are down there breaking bread with michele. >> it's remarkable that john madden would pick a kicker as a thanksgiving day player. let's be honest, right? you wanted your long snapper and your holder here to feast -- wait a minute. let's cut some food first. each of you grab a leg. we can't talk unnourished. grab a leg. well done. have a bite. take a bite. because we want to get -- no, no, thank you. how is it? good?
11:43 pm
>> it's pretty tasty. >> your team just needed you in the right position to make those five field goals. but, you know, you're kind of knew to this rivalry. second-year player. what did it mean to you to have such a big impact on the outcome? >> my mom told me it's rude to chew with my mouthful. story at home. to be able to come through with my team when they need med. that's part of the job description. i'm happy to do it. i wanted morgan and sam here because they're, you know, kind of unsung heroes of the operation. together we get the job done. happy to be of service. >> happy to be of service in another close win. try to keep that under control, jacoby. >> all right. >> all right. so let's talk about that kickoff return. pittsburgh finally scored its first touchdown. you guys come right back with a kickoff return of 73 yards. cortez allen stops you from the touchdown but let's talk about mike tomlin. his foot appeared to be on the
11:44 pm
field. how aware were you of him? >> i'm looking at him like, i see him -- i don't know if he knew i was there or what, is he going to move? i got up on him i weaved a little bit and that's how the buddy tackled. i shouldn't have been caught. that was the first time in my life. that's like usain bolt losing a race. >> do you feel like he was pushing you into cortez. >> i probably did the same thing if i knew i was back there. >> so no ill will? >> no. it is what it is. we got the w. that's all that matters. >> big w. this game matters so much in the division standings and where you go from here. what do you take away from this? >> we're moving up. still in the hunt for the playoff. we're 6-6, we're .500. >> looks like you're enjoying that? >> i'm almost finished. >> i'm having a hard time chewing here. >> don't forget, guys, we have
11:45 pm
game balls for each of you. you know, we aim to please here at the madden thanksgiving day player of the game. congratulations to both of you. their mouths are full. they're not allowed to talk while they're chew. back to al and cris. >> great, michele. well, the ravens and the steelers, what more can you say? of all the ivalry, it's a street ball, mma, ultimate fighting, we had some squirmishes tonight. it's amazing. >> i thought jacoby jones said it best, i would have done the same thing. that's the nature of this game. everybody tries to take every advantage that you possibly could and it was just a war of attrition. the pittsburgh steelers basically by those final plays were almost out of players. >> the division championship is not out of the mix right now in terms of ravens. >> oh, no. >> cincinnati going to san diego.
11:46 pm
they're 7-4 at the moment. if they lose that game all of a sudden it's a new ball game in the afc north. so lot of stuff can happen between now and december 29th. >> and baltimore goes to cincinnati on the final week of the year with a win up. >> crazy. it's the nfl. that's why we love it. and we'll wrap it up on thanksgiving night from baltimore right after this. wendy's bacon portabella melt? you look...different. i had a little work done. new bun? brioche. mmm, that's hot. okay...that was weird. here's yours- i'm gonna take mine and leave you two alone. wendy's bacon portabella melt. a new buttery brioche bun, crisp bacon and rich portabellas in a melty cheddar sauce. now that's better.
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and he's got to have the best, so we need to stay focused. james, you're my rock, can you keep it together? ♪ sally, look at me. i need you to step it up, okay? we don't want the petting zoo all over again. i can't make any promises. ♪ wow. i never doubted you guys for a second. [ male announcer ] at&t makes you the hero this holiday season with iphone5s for zero down with at&t next. ♪
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the price you see is the price you pay? yep, best prices of the year. i can't see. honey. [ laughs ] brad. yeah? what are you doing? uh... hi. hi. [ male announcer ] it's the chevy black friday sale. during the chevy black friday sale, get this traverse ls for under $29,000 or this equinox ls for around $23,000. hurry. the best prices of the year end monday, december 2nd. >> announcer: welcome back to the wendy's post game report. here now al michaels and cris collinsworth. >> a great big thooung all the folks that put this show together about 150 of us spending thanksgiving away from the families and everything. and out in the frost and the cold again, but what a game we saw tonight. >> it was fantastic.
11:49 pm
and now as our trifecta ends up here, we travel down the road, get a little rg3 action. lot of discussion going down there surrounding him. we'll get a chance to meet with him tomorrow, i assume and looking forward to that. >> the giants with a little bit of a pulse but obviously need to win out the rest of the way to have a shot at the playoffs. so it will be the giants against the redskins on "sunday night football" at its regular time. don't forget tomorrow hockey it's the rangers and the bruins. the new york rangers and the al michaels, cris collinsworth, michele tafoya, and our whole gang, saying happy thanksgiving from baltimore.
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now at 11:00, black shopping is starting even earlier as people left the thanksgiving table and hit the store. we're live with all the frenzy. a devoted father and decorated airmen found dead in a historic waterfront community. and she captured headlines claiming she was cheated out of a tip because of her sexuality. tonight new controversy surrounding the wait res and her shady past. the stores are packed
11:53 pm
tonight thousands of people are walking off their thanksgiving calories. several major retailers opened their doors to get the shoppers in and get a jumpstart on holiday shopping. shomari stone is live in wheaton with the crowds. so, how bad is it? >> let me tell you, it is a very pre-black friday. i'll tell you, a lot of folks are coming to the best buy in wheaton to get this 32-inch $179 television. montgomery county police are waiting, making sure the crowds are under control. i have to tell you, erair erika is one of the most unusual black fridays i have ever experienced. the doors open and they're excited. black friday holiday shopping is so hectic, this woman nearly knocks me over with her shopping cart. >> wow! >> woo! >> reporter: seeing hundreds of
11:54 pm
shoppers saving pumpkin pie later in hopes of saving money in hopes of jump starting black friday. you're so excited? >> i am! i am! >> reporter: what you are doing? >> what? >> reporter: these folks rush into toys "r" us at fair lakes shopping plaza to get deal. the popular toy store isn't fooling around. they opened three hours earlier from last year. black friday starts the official start of the holiday shopping season as customers search for can't miss deal on hottest deals. best buy in fairfax overwhelms ashley morgan and her husband. >> it's intense, hectic, crazy, but worth it. >> reporter: just ask this guy. >> you want to buy tvs and computers and all that. >> reporter: just for you? >> me. >> reporter: black friday is not just about shopping. some flock to the malls to burn calories after thanksgiving dinner. >> we're here because we finished dinner, dishes are
11:55 pm
done. >> reporter: they're finishing up with sales. what about having thanksgiving dinner at the table? >> we did. we had it at noon. it was the best of both worlds. it worked out great. >> reporter: the best of both worlds, i'm in the home theater in best buy. this is relaxing. a lot of people are looking at televisions. not everyone says black friday is the best of both worlds. some workers rights groups are planning protests because they think families should be with their families. some folks in here are having a great time. some employees are smiling saying it's nice to have a job. s >> you take a load off. an estimated 33 million shoppers took advantage of the thanksgiving sales nationwide. the macy's flagship store in new york city saw a big rush when they opened their doors at 5 :00 tonight. some people in vegas camped out for several days just to be the first to get inside.
11:56 pm
and, you know, similar scenes are playing out across the country. retailers are hoping that this pays off. analysts expect sales to be up 4% compared to last year. but while eager shoppers celebrate the deals, tonight opponents of thanksgiving day sales are also being vocal about how this impacts the ones behind the sales counters. >> i think it's unfair. i think these people have a chance to be at home with their families and they're being cheated. >> they should all be closed on thanksgiving. it's thanksgiving. >> analysts expect 97 million shoppers to hit the store throughout this holiday season. so, what will the weather be looking like for shoppers tomorrow? so, doug, i want to know, comfy shoes are a must. if i go to the stores tomorrow, i need to know, puffy coat or light jacket? >> definitely the puffy coat. once again we're talking about some cold air that's still sitting around the area right now. we're into the 20s and 30s across the region.
11:57 pm
28 down towards ft. bellveard temperature have stayed steady over the last few hours as a result of cloud cover but we'll see these numbers drop. take a look at black friday forecast. temperatures when you wake up tomorrow morning, around 29 degrees. 37 around 11:00. around the 3:00 afternoon, the heating of the day, 42 degrees. so, yes, still on the chilly side. i'll let you know when there's a warm-up in the forecast. it comes at a pretty good time. >> see you in a little bit. new video from silver spring. one vehicle involved was a montgomery county police cruiser. the crash between the police cruiser and the mini van happened around 8:30 at colesville rolled and university. police say no one was hurt. tonight, a mystery after a
11:58 pm
decorated airman is found dead. he disappeared after a night out with friend. yesterday investigators pulled his body from the water in a popular historic area in baltimore. jackie bensen has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: the body of a man divers pulled out of the water near baltimore's fells point has been identified at 29-year-old evan curbeam, national airman of the year. the medical examiner is expected to make a decision on the cause of his death friday. with heavy hearts we learn today of the loss of our own, evan curbeam who went missing and found dead. he was a friend, patriot. his friends told detectives they wanted to go to another bar but curbeam wanted to go home. he was last seen walking to his car parked about four blocks away. his family reported him missing after he failed to pick up his
11:59 pm
4-year-old daughter the next day. he graduated from george washington university with a masters in science and engineering. evan curbeam also worked at andrews air force base in the munition section of the 113th maintenance squadron. covering northern virginia -- a manassas family is without a home and all their belongings after a devastating fire. the neighborhood had a power outage so neighbors left to cook thanksgiving dinner at a neighbor's house. when they returned, their home was up in flames. investigators are working to find out whether there was a power surge when electricity came back on. a neighbor was in tears looking at all this destruction. i am totally devastated. here they've lost their whole home completely. i mean, there's nothing at all left there. >> the family's two dogs, ferrets and reptiles did not survive the fire either. the red cross is assisting this family in their time of need.
12:00 am
a montgomery county family is mourning after a construction worker was killed in a very tragic accident. the man reportedly slipped on a small patch of ice at a silver spring construction site today. he was working on thanksgiving, trying to get ahead of the project delayed by the rainy weather. the man was at the site with a relative. the rest of his family gathered there after learning the news. right now, police are calling this an accident and foul play is not suspected. things are back to normal after a huge sinkhole swallowed up an suv in prince george's county. a broken water main forced the road to give way in marlboro row in forestville today. traffic was backed up as crews removed the suv. and repaired the broken pipe. it is already morning in afghanistan where 45 thoi u.s. troops have slept off a very
12:01 am
well deserved holiday meal. the defense department delivered more than 75,000 pounds of turkey with all the fixings for thanksgiving. u.s. officials are still pressing the afghan government to approve a security agreement that outlines our military presence in that county. after troops are scheduled to withdrawal by the end of next year. today president obama thanked the troops for their sacrifices. >> we give thanks for the freedoms they defend. the freedom to think what we want and say what we think. to worship according to our own beliefs. to choose our leaders and, yes, criticize them without punishment. >> the president also personally called ten service members to thank them for their work. after the president was done with official business, it was time for him to enjoy thanksgiving dinner at the white house. we're told the first family feasted on turkey, honey baked ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potato
12:02 am
potatoes, and a choice of nine different pies. coming up next -- caught in a web of lies. tonight a new controversy for the waitress who claimed she was stiffed on a tip because of her sexuality. plus, a new offer for a manager who lost his job after refusing to open for business on this thanksgiving. and the big reveal is just days away. there's that little butter ball. thousands weigh in on a name for
12:03 am
12:04 am
new video from a nine-hour standoff in l.a. a neighbor caught the gunfire outside an englewood home
12:05 am
yesterday. a man took his girlfriend and 14-year-old daughter hostage. dozens of police and s.w.a.t. officers responded. one officer was shot in his bulletproof vest. both victims were released unharmed last night. the suspect is charged with attempted murder and behind bars on a $1 billion bail. shocking new accusations against a waitress who claims a family left her a fateful note and no tip because she's gay. she's a fellow marine and we're learning about her time in uniform and problems with her fellow coworkers. >> stop making lies and hurting other people. >> reporter: jackie fitzpatrick says she waited tables with dana at this cheesecake factory. she grew sympathetic when morales said she had brain cancer. >> she came in with her head shaved because she wanted to save it herself before she lost it. she

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